E3 Special – My Cup Of Tea This Month

E3 Special – My Cup Of Tea This Month

E3 Special – My Cup Of Tea This Month

E3 2016 brought many interesting games and announcements so here is my top 10.  Let me know in the comments below what you are excited about from this years showings. You can even let me know what you feel hasn’t lived up to the hype.

Lets get down to the nitty-gritty here. First off let me just say this isn’t going to be your usual list as it is my personal favourites of E3 and not the standard AAA list that will be everywhere else.  Now that’s out-of-the-way I have to say I surprised myself with a few of the things I have chosen as I would normally stick to FPS and RTS and only venture outside of those genres for a bit of old school side scrolling action in my plumber costume or for a bit of WOW or LOL.  So without further waffling here is my list of games/announcements I am most excited about. I won’t be talking about gameplay or storyline in the list but each the games names will link to their respective sites where they will describe better than I ever could.

Titanfall 2 – This one was a big surprise to me as when I played the original I enjoyed it a lot but it got super stale fast, so I wasn’t even that interested in seeing it at E3.  My goodness though watching the footage has swung me this is for sure on my list of games to pre-order this year.

2 For Honour – This game looks insanely good, to me it has a similar looking fight style to that of Dark Souls or for those who share my pain on the sadly missed Fable Legends beta *wipes away tears*.  The gameplay footage I have seen from E3 certainly has me adding this to my wish list and getting me to step out of my standard genre buys.

3 Sea of Thieves – This game I can honestly say I hadn’t even heard of prior to seeing it on the Microsoft reveal  and was about to tune out if I am telling the truth but laziness left me there to watch the gameplay when I suddenly began to pay more attention to what I was seeing and the idea behind you and your mates or in my case random three people you found to group with become a crew that run a pirate ship and take on others doing the same and plunder the high seas I can say I became much more intrigued and this is on my wanting to see more list for sure.

4 Forza Horizon 3 – We gamers all have those games we pick up and play when we got a spare half an hour or just aren’t wanting that heavy-duty gaming we all love and for me Forza has been my choice for quite a number of years with Forza Horizon 2 being my favourite so far and so it wouldn’t be right for me not to include this on here.  I think we can all agree driving through the streets of a town like a lunatic not following the racing line and seeing how many times in one race you can rewind it after a crash before you have starred in your very own ground-hog day is something that brings too much joy not to appear on this list.

5 The Division Underground – While this may not be a game announcement in its own right, the Division is a personal favourite of mine and so this trailer got me pretty excited.  The fact that PC are now getting the DLC early rather than just the Xbox is bitter-sweet for me personally.  Yes I have played mostly PC but any that watch the stream will be aware I went and bought a copy for Xbox one with expansion but say la vie.

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6 COD Modern Warfare HD – This is probably one of my favourite shooters of all time and tbh the peak of COD series in my opinion and so this for sure will be on my list of games to be playing this winter but I doubt if I will pick up its new space man counterpart and will be much more likely to hand my money over to Battlefield if I was to buy either of the new shooters.

7 Project Scorpio – The news of this really got me excited and will be on my Santa list next year for sure. The specs behind it look amazing and its good to see they are fully embracing 4k gaming.  My only gripe would be that I was hoping for more info on Microsoft Holo Lens but I will settle for the new console info.  On a side note I am actually considering upgrading to the new Xbox one S as the 4k streaming will stop me having to run 3 boxes in my living room to get all the 4k stuff I need plus to 40% smaller is a nice added bonus as is the 2TB space as we all now the Xbox fills up in no time if you buy digital.

8 Play Anywhere – This is a wonderful piece of news for me and maybe my favourite thing announces at E3 as I own a copy on PC and Xbox one of nearly all the games I play and so this is going to save me a pretty penny. Although that isn’t even the thing that excites me the most about this it is the fact that I wont have to level up a character or collect gear twice in the games and that the progression will be shared across the two platforms.

9 Xbox One Elite GOW4 Controller – This new version of the Xbox One elite controller is aesthetically beautiful and I personally own the original elite controller and so I can testify that I find it is a must for any player that has games that require a controller to play and if you’re a console player what are  you waiting for get one now, well actually don’t if you don’t already own an elite controller I would wait and buy the Gears of War 4 variant for sure. I just wish I could justify getting it but already owning the original means I can not really but who knows maybe it will mysteriously become damaged *cough*.  On a side note the new custom design your own controller feature being added looks class and I will be making a personalised controller using it for myself for sure.

10 Crash Bandicoot – I think I could not add this to the list of games from E3, it brings so many of us back to our younger years and the fun we had when gaming wasn’t the ridiculous life-like gameplay we have now and to a time when games were more fantasy than reality, but that being said I have huge reservations about this title as is it a good idea to try to create that nostalgia again or will you find yourself disappointed and in turn losing your love for that bygone time you were trying to relive.  Here’s hoping it doesn’t go down like that but I can’t help but feel it will but only time will tell and when it does you can tell me to eat my words.


There you have it folks my top 10 announcements from E3 2016. Please share below in the comments what you think of my choices and also what your most excited about and why.  Also if you want to see me play some of these titles and more pop by the stream sometime and say hi, you will be made more than welcome.


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