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Return to World of Warcraft – the roar of T H U N D E R

Return to World of Warcraft – the roar of T H U N D E R

As many of you are aware by now I have returned to playing World of Warcraft after a lengthy absence.  I have been toying with the idea of whether I should join a guild for Legion and to be honest hadn’t made my mind up yet.  Then my brother and I were discussing the pros and cons of the whole thing and settled on we would have a look and see what we thought about the guilds that were out there looking for folks to join them.

So we took to the guild finder in game but in all honestly that is like closing your eyes and grabbing off the shelves in a store and hoping that the thing you grabbed is the product you were after.  So we then took to the World of Warcraft forums and began to check out guilds looking for members on there.  Then there it was a guild that had been playing the game almost as long as we had and was looking for people who didn’t take the game to serious but still wanted to progress with a like minded group of players.  So after checking out the guilds website we decided it was the right one for us.  We were sure now we wanted to join a guild for Legion and that this was the one for us.

Now came the process of deciding whether we were going to be applying as raiders or as social. To be honest this wasn’t as straight forward a choice as we had thought, as now as adults we have a lot of responsibilities that may limit how much we can raid. Were we going to be able to spare 6 nights a week for 6 or 7 hours a day to raid like we used to.  Luckily though this guild realises that there is a life outside of the game for most people and raid at the reasonable time of 9-12 GMT which suits me grand as you guys know I am streaming between those hours.

So now I just had to pop in the application sit back and chew away (I would say my finger nails) but tbh it was more like chew away the tips of my fingers ;p  The guild responded quickly to our applications and the next day after a short discussion about whether having 2 more of us Northern Irish folk was sensible (I would say no if asked) join their guild they decided to accept us.  So now starts my streaming journey into Legion and my time with the new guild of T H U N D E R.  I hope to see some of you over on the stream to watch it unfold first hand.

If you can’t make it over there though be sure to check back here regularly to find video highlights of my Legion adventure and my shenanigans in the new guild.